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International Journal of Medicine Research
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Patterns of disease and outcomes of neonatal admissions at Fallujah teaching hospital for women and children
Pages: 01-03  
Risk factors of febrile convulsion among children under 5 years a case control study in Mosul city
Pages: 04-09  
Supracondylar fracture humerus in children, comparison study between conservative and surgical treatment
Pages: 10-17  
Prognostic accuracy of sofa score for prediction of in-hospital mortality in elderly patients with SIRS
Pages: 18-21  
Complication of SLE, a review of different studies
Pages: 22-26  
Research of herbal drug for COVID-19 (Corona)
Pages: 27-31  
Management of osteoarthrosis, review study
Pages: 32-34  
Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, review study
Pages: 35-39  
A case of palmo plantar hyperhidrosis in a young patient
Pages: 40-41  
Body mass index (BMI) and bone marrow density (BMD) of osteoporosis in Mosul city
Pages: 42-44  
Knowledge toward breast cancer prevention among secondary school female student in Mosul city
Pages: 45-50  
Clinical correlation with ultrasound finding in patient in non-cancerous breast condition, single centre experience
Pages: 51-56  
Pregnant women`s attitude toward use of herbs, vitamins, and minerals supplement in Saudi Arabia
Pages: 57-61  
Herbal hair oil: Formulation and evalution
Pages: 62-67  
Haematological parameters in acyanotic congenital heart disease with secondary pulmonary hypertension
Pages: 68-72  
Correlation between prevelance of radial nerve injury and type of humeral shaft fractures prospective analytic study
Pages: 73-81  
Comparison between plain X-ray and MRI in lumbar spinal stenosis
Pages: 82-86  
Independent and assisted living geriatrics: Correlates of falls, cognitive function and balance profiles
Pages: 87-93  
Retinal attachment to genetics
Pages: 94-98  
Sciatic nerve injury, an interventional study
Pages: 99-103  
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