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The effect of topical non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in prevention of post- operative macular edema after cataract surgery
Pages: 01-05  
Prevalence of mental disorder to population who attending left district primary health care centers in Mosul city
Pages: 06-09  
The Impact of methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase gene polymorphisms on Iraqi patients with diabetic nephropathy
Pages: 10-12  
Comparision of sequential use of in tracervical foley’s catheter and misoprostol versus misoprostol alone for induction of labour in primigravida
Pages: 13-16  
Trends of bronchial asthma in left side of Mosul city a case series study
Pages: 17-22  
Evaluation of vitamin D level in newly diagnosed patient with osteoporosis
Pages: 23-30  
Factors associated with the complication of anesthesia among patients undergo
Pages: 31-34  
Endoscopic Findings in Eighty Dyspeptic Patients and Their Microbiological Correlate
Pages: 35-38  
Comparative study of intra cuff dexamethasone and lidocaine on post-extubation reactions, A randomized controlled trial array antenna
Pages: 39-41  
Prevalence of pseudoexfoliation in 100 Cases prepared for cataract surgery in Alkademiya Teaching Hospital
Pages: 42-43  
Correlation of anaemia with attenuation values on unenhanced CT of thorax
Pages: 44-47  
A case report on stridor
Pages: 48-49  
Role of Loganiaceae family in Ignatia Amara with its medicinal Uses
Pages: 50-52  
Epidemiology of chronic renal failure in Al-Ramadi teaching hospital
Pages: 53-56  
Study of factors related to time of breastfeeding initiation among mother-infant pairs in Ibn al- Baladi hospital in Baghdad Iraq
Pages: 57-62  
Blood transfussion, risk factor, complication
Pages: 63-70  
A review of burns patients admitted to the burns center in Diwanya-Iraq during 2018
Pages: 71-74  
Lower limb amputation in Ninevah, descriptive study
Pages: 75-77  
Pattern of lipid profile in stroke patients
Pages: 78-81  
A study of spectrum of gastrointestinal manifestations of dengue fever in rural population
Pages: 82-85  
A prospective randomised study of nlbuphine versus tramadol in control of intra operative shivering
Pages: 86-89  
Knees osteoarthritis: the effect on general health score SF-12 and its association with aging disorder especially cardiovascular diseases
Pages: 90-97  
Association of anemia with malnutrition among Iraqi children
Pages: 98-101  
Efficacy of single shot preoperative antibiotic dose in laparoscopic appendicectomy for simple nonperforated acute appendicitis
Pages: 102-105  
Unani literary review on PCOD and its management
Pages: 106-108  
Human chorionic ganadotropllin level as predictor of preeclampsia in Al-Zahra teaching hospital
Pages: 109-113  
Feeding pattern of children in Mosul city, Iraq
Pages: 114-116  
Types and distribution of occupational injuries among solid waste collectors in Nairobi city county, Kenya
Pages: 117-123  
Assessment of levels of physical activity and waist to height ratio among adults in a rural area of Kashmir valley: A cross sectional study
Pages: 124-127  
High frequency and low frequency probe tone tympanometry in diagnosis of middle ear diseases in infants: Comparative study
Pages: 128-131  
Association of Hba1c level with healing of diabetic foot ulcer
Pages: 132-134  
Pregnancy outcome in infertile couple following treatment by intrauterine insemination
Pages: 135-136  
A study on the correlation between molluscum contagiosum and atopic dermatitis in children
Pages: 137-140  
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