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Comparative evaluation of diabetic and non-diabetic stroke and the study of the effect of glycemic levels on the outcome of strokes
Pages: 01-05  
Prospective Study of inguinal hernia under local anaesthesia: A study from rural set-up
Pages: 06-08  
Study of clinical profile of diabetic peripheral neuropathy in type 2 diabetes mellitus
Pages: 09-13  
Assessment of health related quality of life in stroke patients in a tertiary care hospital
Pages: 14-16  
A prospective study of Hepatotropic virus infection in children-its prevalence and presentation
Pages: 17-19  
Study of portopulmonary hypertension in patients of cirrhosis of liver
Pages: 20-24  
Clinical profile and outcome in critically ill patients with respiratory failure on invasive mechanical ventilator
Pages: 25-30  
Comparison of three different eye drops and assessment of IOP changes in post-operative cataract patients
Pages: 31-33  
Case report: Melioidosis
Pages: 34-35  
Traumatic hip dislocation in children (A case report)
Pages: 36-39  
Dietary fat and incidence of type 2 diabetes in older women in Dakshina Kannada
Pages: 40-43  
Thyroid functions and glycemic status: A hospital based epidemiologic study
Pages: 44-46  
A Case report: Oduvan leaf poisoning
Pages: 47-48  
Purple urine bag syndrome caused by Klebsiella oxytoca and Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Pages: 49-50  
Surgical treatment in hyperparathyroidism in children (about 3 cases)
Pages: 51-56  
Study on the effect of yoga on autonomic functions in healthy volunteers
Pages: 57-59  
Case report: Accidental injection of 30% hydrogen peroxide
Pages: 60-61  
Severe suicidal poisoning with Auramine-o and amitriptyline
Pages: 62-64  
A prospective study of patients with Blunt Abdominal Trauma: A study from the northern part of India
Pages: 65-68  
Impact of exercise on insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism
Pages: 69-72  
Traumatic patellar dislocation in children: A case report
Pages: 73-76  
Cold nodules of thyroid in children
Pages: 77-80  
Study of renal profile in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in a tertiary care hospital
Pages: 81-84  
A single case study of nephrolithiasis under the effect of Unani medicine
Pages: 85-87  
Survival outcome and platelet anisometry in myelodysplastic syndromes
Pages: 88-91  
The effects of long-term haemodialysis on red cell distribution width, haemoglobin, fibrinogen, D-dimer and survival outcome
Pages: 92-95  
Study of progression of mild cognitive impairment in elderly and speech and language assessment in patients of dementia
Pages: 96-100  
Para testicular lipoblastoma in children (About an exceptional case)
Pages: 101-103  
Conservative surgical treatment in bilateral neuroblastoma (R├ętrospective study of 8 cases)
Pages: 104-113  
Fibromatosis desmoid of scapula in children (About a rare and aggressive disease)
Pages: 114-117  
A clinical study on outcome of kidney function tests among ARF patients treated at tertiary care hospital
Pages: 118-121  
Clinical profile of patients with acute ischemic stroke
Pages: 122-124  
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