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Guidelines for management of pulmonary hypertension in specific patient situations
Pages: 07-12  
Selective administration and consequent effects of dexamethasone on the proliferation and apoptosis of human ovarian cancer cells
Pages: 13-17  
Open fracture, diabetes and neglection: A recipe for gas gangrene – A case report
Pages: 18-19  
The role of ulinastatin in pericardial abscess with life threatening conditions
Pages: 20-23  
Prevalence of hepatitis b and c from samples received from the various wards in Niger delta university teaching hospital (nduth), Okolobiri for haematological analyses
Pages: 24-27  
Assessment of the level of erythropoietin in persons living with HIV in Umuahia
Pages: 28-30  
Bioremediation of contaminated lead soil by Eudrilus Eugeniae and synthesis of nanoparticles
Pages: 31-34  
Medicinal plants with antiocular activities
Pages: 35-53  
The relationship between urinary tract infection and low water intake and excessive consuming of fizzy drink
Pages: 54-56  
Aloe sp effects on the intestinal motility of Wistar rats
Pages: 57-60  
Vitamin D deficiency with hypertension and preeclampsia based on clinical and epidemiological studies
Pages: 68-74  
Anesthetic management of patient with systemic lupus erythematous and antiphospholipid antibodies syndrome posted for laproscopic cholecystectomy: A case report
Pages: 75-76  
Anesthetic management in downs syndrome patient posted for tonsillectomy surgery – A case report
Pages: 77-78  
An expert system for feeding problems in infants and children
Pages: 79-82  
An expert system for men genital problems diagnosis and treatment
Pages: 83-86  
A study to assess the knowledge on foot care among diabetic clients attending endocrinology OPD, in Narayana medical college and hospital, Nellore
Pages: 87-90  
Effect of Arq Brinjasif in mild pelvic inflammatory disease-A randomised controlled trial
Pages: 91-96  
A study to assess the knowledge of patients regarding post cataract surgical care and complications
Pages: 97-100  
Early feeding in tracheo esophageal fistula repair: Newer trends in post-operative care
Pages: 101-102  
INF-γ biomarker in differentiating tuberculosis pleural effusion
Pages: 103-105  
Chronic suppurative otitis media in children: Review
Pages: 106-109  
Study of respiratory failure in organophorus compound poisoning with reference to ventilatory support outcome
Pages: 110-113  
An expert system for nausea and vomiting problems in infants and children
Pages: 114-117  
A review on mastitis
Pages: 118-123  
The role of physiotherapy for the management of breast cancer and enhancing lifestyle for breast cancer survivors through physical activity and exercises
Pages: 124-128  
Feasibility of integrating unanipathy with allopathy
Pages: 129-132  
Tuberculosis diagnosis by staining, isolation and PCR from bovine milk samples
Pages: 133-135  
A Review on Flunixin Meglumine
Pages: 136-138  
Correlation of erythropoietin and haematocrit levels in the anaemias of chronic kidney diseases: A study in federal medical centre, Umuahia, Nigeria
Pages: 139-144  
Ectodermal Dysplasia with Keratoconus and Other Corneal Manifestations
Pages: 145-147  
Effects of bisoprolol and nebivolol on the spectrum of essential amino acids in the blood serum of patients with unstable angina
Pages: 148-151  
A study on cognitive impairment in essential hypertensives
Pages: 152-155  
A study on the temperament of the children suffering from epilepsy at a tertiary care hospital
Pages: 156-158  
Comparison conventional SINE WAVE modified ECT with newer BRIEF PULSE modified ECT modes with respect to efficacy and cognitive impairment
Pages: 159-160  
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