International Journal of Medicine Research

ISSN: 2455-7404

Vol. 4, Issue 4 (2019)

Non parasitic cysts of the spleen in children partial splenectomy: Conservatory surgery of choice (about 4 cases)

Author(s): Meryam Ramzi, Driss Hanine, Zakaria Aboulam, Mounir Kisra
Abstract: Non-parasitic splenic cysts are estimated at 650 cases, of which 60 to 70% of the cases are pseudocysts without a cellular covering, in other cases they are true cysts whose wall contains an epithelial cell coating. Clinically, the latency of the cyst gives it total muteness. However, sometimes alone, splenomegaly (apart from complications) leads the patient to consult. Diagnosis is made easy through the provision of imaging: Ultrasound and CT scans represent the key examination. The current therapeutic attitude must give primacy to conservative treatment: partial splenectomy which seems to give less complication. In the light of our 4 observations of histologically proven non-parasitic spleen cysts, partial splenectomy, which is based on knowledge of splenic vascularization, is for us the intervention of choice because a less complex and risk-free trial excessive compared to total splenectomy. These results are consistent with those of the literature.
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