International Journal of Medicine Research

ISSN: 2455-7404

Vol. 4, Issue 4 (2019)

School pressure and its relation to violence and academic achievement among secondary school students in Mosul

Author(s): Dr. Ashraf Kamel Abdul Rahman, Dr. Ali Mahmood Saleem, Dr. Thaeir Ghanim Basheer
Abstract: Background: The school is considered a psycho-social environment that has an impact on the psychological and social life of students. The dynamic pressure inside it due to psychological, educational and physical changes may associate with violence and affect the academic achievement. Aim: to find the correlation between school pressure, violence and academic achievement, also the difference between males and females concerning pressure and violence. Materials and Methods: school-based cross-sectional study adopted and conducted in four secondary school, involving (825) student of both gender in 3rd secondary class. Two questionnaire forms are used. SPSS, Version 18 was used for statistical analysis, and the percentages, Mean, standard deviation, t-test, correlation and p-value were calculated. Results: the present study reveals a high significant correlation between school pressure and the violence behavior (r = 0.37, p > 0.01), and negative (r = -.021) but also significant relation (p > 0.05) between school pressure and academic achievement. Moreover, the male-gender shows highly statistically significant association with school pressure and violence (p >0.0001). Conclusion: A correlative, statistically significant relationship between school stress with the violent behavior and an inverse correlation between school stress and academic achievement are found. Furthermore the gender differences regarding both school pressure and violence are clear in favor of males. Recommendation: The school should be a safer place for the students, thus there should be some administrative policies to overcome the psychological and mental health problems, so more studies needed to find out the risk factors of school pressure and to identify the most appropriate ways to deal with.
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