International Journal of Medicine Research

ISSN: 2455-7404

Vol. 3, Issue 3 (2018)

Variations in coronary arteries in human cadaver

Author(s): Dr. Veeresh H, Dr. Nagashree MV
Abstract: Variations of the coronary arteries have been recorded numerously by many authors. However, the number of newer cases found and reported cases have increased. In this research article, a number of variations in the coronary arteries and the main branch such as the additional anterior and posterior interventricular branches and a new mode of the termination of the right coronary artery have been noted. The methodology of sampling of the cadavers only included 40 years old cadavers with a written consent from the legal guardian to participated in the research. 60 cadevers was selected and among these cadavers selected all the organs were present. The study was observational where the team observed the origin, branching, and pattern, length, bridging and looping of arteries. The results of the study pointed out the measurements taken and the variations in the branching of the coronary arteries. In conclusion, the most common variations are totally benign that caused by some errors of the embryological development timing or in some cases due to the persistence of an embryologic condition. Coronary artery variations are viewed as very crucial and important when being looked at from a clinical and surgical point of view.
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