International Journal of Medicine Research

ISSN: 2455-7404

Vol. 3, Issue 3 (2018)

Results of 32 patients’ ptosis surgery with a new sutures technics

Author(s): Duong Dieu
Abstract: Objective: To evaluate the one-year follow-up results of 32 patients’ 36 eyes with ptosis were performed by new sutures in surgical technics. Methods: Clinical trial on consecutive selected patients, non- randomized.
  1. Principal measurements: mm of lid slit, lagophthalmia.
  2. A new less invasive surgical technics: modified Fascanella Servat –Simonton:
  • The levator aponeurosis (F.1a-b) was bifolded (by doubling over) inversely by the first suture, followed by a second and third suture. (F.1c)
  • The lid crease was recreated by three vertical sutures tied with a round gauze (1.5 cm in diameter) at the superior eyebrow (F1d), postoperatively,
  • For the loosen lid crease by removing the gauze for over- correction, or
  • For the tighten lid crease by replacing the original gauze with a bigger gauze (eg. >2cm) in the case of under-correction.
Results: Before surgery: lid slit= 3.55mm ± 0.81 (while opened eye). One year after surgery: Opened eyes: lid slit = 7.57mm ± 0.79mm; closed eyes: lid slit = 0. Conclusions: The upper blepharoplasty procedure described in this paper, in which the levator muscle is doubled over and three correctable interrupted sutures are placed, may be a good alternative for ptosis surgery with difference ages. This is a less invasive procedure and with adjust sutures may be the easy choice for indicated ptosis correction with some satisfying results mentioned.
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