International Journal of Medicine Research

ISSN: 2455-7404

Vol. 3, Issue 3 (2018)

Ilaj-bil-tadbeer (regimental therapy): a noble method of treatment in Unani medicine: A review

Author(s): Aliya Hamid
Abstract: Unani system of medicine is the medicine of centuries. Four modes of treatment in Unani system are Ilaj-bil-Giza (Dietotherapy), Ilaj-bil-Dawa (Pharmacotherapy), Ilaj-bil-Yad (Surgery) and Ilaj-bil-Tadbeer (Regimental therapy), these are important modalities of Tibb for treating disease and maintenance of health. Among above said four modes Ilaj-bil-Tadbeer is very important, most of regimes are used independently or in combination with medicines. Regimental therapies are physical mode of treatment, improvement in body constitution is achieved by removing morbid material from body. Regimental therapy improves the quality of health by improving the defense mechanism of the body. Asbab-e-satta zarooria (six essentials of life are very important for maintaining healthy life, regarding this maintaining health and treating the disorders of body are achieved through modulating Asbab-e-satta zarooria. Old nomenclature of Ilaj-bil-Tadbeer is Molijat-e-khususi. Therapies in Ilaj-bil-tadbeer are meant for Istifraagh-e-akhlaat-e-radiya (expulsion or elimination of morbid material), as accumulation of morbid material are responsible for causation of diseases. By application of regimental therapies normal health can be restored. Venesection, cupping, leeching, massage and purgation are essential part of regimental therapies and are used for therapeutic and preventive purpose since centuries by ancient Unani physicians.
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