International Journal of Medicine Research

ISSN: 2455-7404

Vol. 3, Issue 3 (2018)

Linearization of the calibration curve of the evaluation of transaminases activity by the colorimetric method

Author(s): Mwelo Jan, Diyi L, Nzingula P, Mayangi M, Inkalaba KG, Mbinze KJ, Kodondi KK
Abstract: Objectives: this work has as objective to make linear the calibration curve obtained by the colorimetric method by introducing the regression equation that will be able to have an impact in the interpretation of the results, necessary to the diagnosis of hepatic and cardiac pathologies to a certain extent. Equipment and methods: We worked with 43 serums blood. Transaminases were proportioned by the colorimetric method whose reading was achieved by means of a spectrophotometer. The various activities obtained underwent mathematical transformations by the method of square roots in order to make the curve linear. Results: the results made it possible to obtain the regression equations. For the glutamate oxalo-acetate transaminase 0.016 X + 0.443 with R2= 0.995 and for the glutamate pyruvate transaminase: 0.022 X+ 0.443 with R2 = 0.982. The statistical analysis by the test of student (α= 0.05) revealed that there was no significant difference between the results in proportioning before linearization and after linearization. Conclusion: We didn’t note a difference between the colorimetric method passing by the calibration curve and the linearized method. However, if one wants to have values of transaminases which approach the true value, he would be desirable to carry out the linearization of the calibration curve obtained during colorimetric proportioning. We propose that the laboratories resort the straight regression lines found in this work. To the contrary case, we recommend the use of the enzymatic method.
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