International Journal of Medicine Research

ISSN: 2455-7404

Vol. 1, Issue 2 (2016)

A study to assess the knowledge of patients regarding post cataract surgical care and complications

Author(s): Dr. Pundareekaksha Rao P
Abstract: Cataract is the second commonest cause of blindness after refractive error. Most of the cases are well treated by surgery, which leads to good visual outcome. The basic aim of this study is to assess the awareness and knowledge of patients about post cataract surgical care and complications. Insufficient or inadequate knowledge of patient who underwent for surgery can result numerous complications. Incidence of complications may vary from patient to patient and place to place in different countries. We found that many post-surgical patients have lack of knowledge on eye care and complications. It may depend up on the care of hospital during and after surgery, personal care of patient, regular follow up visits etc. These can leads to significant impact on quality of life and also causes unnecessary increased health care cost resulting in financial constraints to both patients and health care system as a whole. Thus must take action by educating patients continuously to update knowledge on regular follow-up after cataract surgery for preventing further complications and blindness. The finding of the study will be useful in developing more effective education strategies in near future.
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